Padlet: Web 2.0 tool for the classroom!

PadletSo what is Padlet?

  • Formerly Wallwisher
  • free application to create an online bulletin board
  • Allows you to display information for any topic.
  • Allows you to add images, links, videos, and more.
  • Settings allow you to make your wall completely open for public contributions, completely private, or allow you to moderate any contributions made.

Padlet is like an online piece of paper where people can put any content anywhere on the page and allows people to express their thoughts and opinions on a specific topic of interest or discussion.


Why use Padlet in the classroom?

  • Creates a collaborate learning environment
  • Does not show which work is attributable to which student, which is excellent when seeking opinions on certain topics that students may be embarrassed or curious about and pose questions they may not necessarily ask in class in fear of what people might think or say. (With regard to this, in order for students to get credited and merited for their work, perhaps ask them to initial their posts)
  • Invites pupils to contribute their comments, topics of interest, opinions, and viewpoints.
  • Open to all subjects.


Ideas of how to use Padlet in the classroom:

  • Use as a place to collect web quest links and information.
  • Assign a student projects where students choose their theme and design a wall around it. For example, have students create a wall about the search for meaning and value. They can include pictures, audio or video, links, and other information to display, all of which which relate to the student’s culture.
  • For grammar or vocabulary words.
  • Create walls for debates.
  • Post assignments or reminders on the wall for students.
  • Use Padlet as a class space during school breaks, especially for those preparing for exams.
  • žBrainstorm a new topic and share knowledge and ideas.
  • Brainstorm area for possible fundraiser or project ideas.
  • Have students create a sentence using the word of the day. They can share their sentences with others on the wall.
  • Allow students to post videos or post your own video and have students respond.


Examples of completed Padlets:


padlet (1)





Excellent tutorial on how to use Padlet:



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