Animoto: Making videos in the classroom!


Animoto is a Web 2.0 tool that allows users to:

  • produce videos
  • that blend photos, video clips, text and music.

What is great about Animoto is that it is easy to use for any age group and appeals to all year groups. You and your students can use a combination of both video and photos to create your video and the end result looks extremely professional, thus giving your pupils a true sense of satisfaction.You can also have your students record their own voice over and then upload the audio file as the audio track instead of music by using audacity or garage band! For example, in English when covering the topic of Media Studies and newspapers, get your students to make their own news report video! Although you are restricted to 22 characters of text, students can work around this by using images or even hashtags(#) in favour of wordy sentences. This encourages pupils to expand on and develop their non verbal skills. As a student project, animoto encourages students to interact with academic material by hand-picking images, video, music and text, thus allowing them to learn and communicate their work with a hint of their own personalities. It also promotes subject engagement and develops students’ creativity and computer skills.

As a teacher I find that students, especially Junior Cycle students, like to be given responsibility and feel as though they are making a contribution to the lesson. At times I get my students to come up and teach specific topics/points for 10 minutes of a class and they love it. For those ten minutes they are the teacher and they are in control. Animoto is a great way of encouraging students to become active learners and allows students to prepare their work that they could eventually teach/present to the rest of the class. I love Animoto and I think that it works extremely well with all year groups and diverse learning styles.


How much does it cost to use?

It is freeeee!!! However it is only free if you chose the ‘Lite’ option, which in turn restricts you to making 30 second video clips, which is sometimes enough for specific subjects and topics. However, if you would prefer the option of making 10-20 minute video clips you can subscribe for as little as $5 a month….ultimate bargain!Especially for Transition Year classes.


Why use Animoto? (

  • Unlimited 20 minute videos: Make videos up to 20 minutes long and using up to 600 photos/video clips.
  • Easy to use: All you need is a few photos screenshotcand a few minute to create a beautiful video.
  • Post, Tweet, Email: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, WordPress, etc. Share where your audience is.
  • Licensed music: 2000 tracks from industry-leader Triple Scoop Music and other partners. Pro Premium gets 1000 more.(Or as I said previously, you can get your pupils to upload their own voice over.
  • Call to action button: Link your video to your school or event’s page.
  • Customise: You can customize your video to your liking. animoto1Select a style, choose your music, and add text to speak to your audience.


How to get started and use Animoto:


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