Suicide and Euthanasia Introductory Resources












The above images are slides I have used to introduce the topic of Suicide to my senior students. They allow room for class conversations to take place whilst keeping a flow and structure to your lesson. I also showed my pupils the following video clips as they effectively communicate the statistics surrounding suicide and highlight some of the reasons as to why it is so common these days. The students respond well to the second video clip on Phoebe Prince as the story made the news and the majority of students are very familiar with the tragic event.



Other possible ways to introduce this topic are to explore in brief what life is all about, the value of it, what makes life meaningful and the purpose of it. Ask the pupils to reflect on what makes them happy and life worth living for. Perhaps bring your students to the computer room and ask them to find an image, video clip, or music video to share with the class to express what makes them happy in life and makes life seem so worthwhile. (Encourage the pupils to perhaps reflect on the amazing atmosphere created at a concert, or somewhere they went on holiday or on a trip that took their breath away, or even perhaps a song that gives them vision and inspiration.) Some examples one could use in the classroom include:



You could then introduce your students to the fact that not everyone values life the same way or has the same outlook and feel as though there is nothing left to live for, thus introducing the concept of suicide. A good video to use to communicate this would be ‘Hoe to Save a Life’ by The Fray:




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