Wordle: Word Cloud Web 2.0 tool for the classroom!



What is it?

Wordle is a tool that allows user to create word clouds from a source of words. The software automatically
removes common English words (is, the, and, it..) and presents the words in colourful cloud formations. The more that a
word appears in a source, the larger the word is in the cloud. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.


What can it be used for in the classroom?

  1. Great for showcasing word usage in a speech, poem, story, text, etc.
  2. Great for students to copy and paste words from their own paper to summarise their work.
  3. Great for creating personality clouds of your students and for showcasing their opinions on certain topics.
  4. Put your lesson plan into a word cloud to create a word cloud of what you will be learning about. This could also be part of your entire course outline used at the beginning of a course.
  5. Put vocabulary words into a word cloud.
  6. Have students create word clouds that generate understanding of a concept, standards or vocabulary word.



To create a wordle:

1. Go to wordle.net

2. Click create your own

3. You can copy and paste text from a word wordle2document or you can simply type in the words you want to use.

Hints: The more often a word is entered, the larger it will appear.

4. Select go

5. Wordle is generated. Characteristics can be changed by using the toolbar located at the top of the page:

  • Colour refers to the colour scheme. Wordles can be white or black backgrounds.
  • Layout is the appearance/shape of the wordle – mostly vertical, mostly horizontal, half and half, etc.
  • Font is the style of the text. Language – wordles can be anything from English to Croatian



Examples of completed Wordles:



alqaeda wordle


images (1)





Please find attached a very good and detailed step by step tutorial on how to use Wordle:



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