Abortion: A wasted life?! MODERN resources!

With 20 mins to spare before my first class, I thought I would use this time to share what can only be referred to as ‘life saver’ resources when it comes to the topic of abortion. One area one looks at (or should be looking at) when it comes to abortion is the arguments for and against abortion. One of the key pro-abortion arguments presented time and time again revolves around the whole idea that it is not right to bring a severely disabled or disfigured child into the world as they will not live a proper life, essentially implying that such a life is a ‘wasted’ one. Is this the case?! From my personal experience of covering this topic in the classroom, I think showing pupils evidence of how this is not the case is MORE effective than merely discussing it verbally or reading through a case study. SHOW them evidence and let the pupils present the arguments and produce the discussion. Allow them to be the teachers for once an invite them to share their views and inform you what the clips are communicating rather than the other way around.

Below are a number of video clips I used last week with my 6th Years and they worked a treat! I showed the following clips and opened up the lesson by simply asking the pupils ‘Is there such a thing as a wasted life?’. I would HIGHLY recommend using these clips for a number of reasons:

  1. They communicate the message PERFECTLY AND EFFECTIVELY
  2. They evoke a variety of emotions from the pupils all at once
  3. The videos are modern and in tune with the pupils’ culture (Britain’s Got Talent)
  4. They truly get the pupils thinking and talking









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