Glogster: A Glog is like a poster . . . only better!!

logoglogster1Glogster is an online interactive poster/collage maker that I have recently come across and love. Students can combine text, music, pictures, videos and other exciting resources to create a unique online, interactive poster or collage. This is an alternative to the classic scissors and cardboard approach to poster making, something which I do regularly with my seniors at the end of a topic. 

So what is good about Glogster?

Glogster allows students to create an online poster using:

  • —photographs
  • images
  • —graphics
  • video files
  • sound files (for example, YouTube clips or Podcasts)

It is essentially a new and creative digital outlet for educators to keep students ENGAGED and make learning more fun, as well as an easy to use platform designed to introduce basic concepts to students.  It is also a  secure, private, and safe platform that can be monitored directly by teachers. 

For Teachers:

Glogster provides teachers with a safe virtual space where they can manage up to 50 student accounts. Randomly generated usernames and passwords become the students’ logins. However you can, under the manage student accounts tab, edit the nicknames (I suggest first name and maybe initial) and change the passwords. These can then be distributed to students. You can then monitor your students’ progress from your ‘teacher screen’. Students and teacher can share and comment on each other’s creations.

3 reasons to use Glogster in the classroom: 

  • It is web-based
  • It allows students to add images, video—such as YouTube–music, text, and hyperlinks, therefore allowing the pupils to become active learners and providing them with the opportunity to relate the content to their own lives. Also provides the students with the freedom to express themselves through their work.
  •  It addresses multiple learning styles

The downside however is that you have to pay in order to use it. Prices range from the following:

  • $39 per year for 1 teacher and 30 students
  • $95 per year for 1 teacher and 125 students
  • $390 per year for 10 teachers and 250 students



How to set up Glogster:

Please find attached excellent tutorials (for both students and teachers) on how to set up Glogster.

Examples of completed Glogs:




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