Senior RE: Abortion Modern Resource

Are you covering the topic of abortion with your senior RE pupils and finding it difficult to engage them with the content? Trying to find a ‘modern’ or ‘up to date’ take on the whole topic? My advice, perhaps show them the film (or clips from, pending on the age etc of your pupils) ‘JUNO’. The film tells the tale of a young teenager who finds herself pregnant and faces the difficult decision of whether or not to abort her child. What is great about this film however is that this is all communicated through a humorous medium, something which is good seeing as this topic can be very heavy and draining for pupils (from my personal experience as a teacher). This film also communicates the alternative of adoption in favour of abortion.

What might be a good idea is to hand pupils out a questionnaire sheet to fill out whilst watching the film, or if you are opting to show specific clips, have a series of higher and lower order oral questions prepared to engage your pupils in an open and honest class discussion.

For example:

  • Having watched the introduction to the film, do you think abortion is an easy decision? Why/ Why not? Refer your answer to Juno’s decision
  • Was the decision Juno made pro-life or pro-choice?
  • Imagine you are speaking to Juno when she just found out she was pregnant and decided to have an abortion. You do not wish for her to have an abortion as you believe it is wrong, what arguments/options would you present to her?
  • What was Juno’s initial reaction having found out she was pregnant? Do you think this a common attitude among young teenagers?
  • Having watched the film, which option do you think would have been the better one for Juno to have made, adoption or abortion? Explain your answer.


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