Digital Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages!



I recently came across a number of arguments for and against the introduction and implementation of digital learning in our classroom. In theory, digital learning appears to be something extremely beneficial to all schools and students. As we are all aware, there are a number of advantages to digital learning, such as:

1. Engagement: improved student motivation from engaging content and game-based strategies

2. Time: extending the learning day and year; allowing students to learn when they learn best

3. Location: anywhere anytime learning creates a new world of opportunity

4. Pacing: allowing students to progress at their own rate

5. Individualization: customizing learning by level and modality

6. Content: rich, deep, and up to date

7. Sharing: the difference between ‘turn it in’ and ‘publish it’; the ability to teachers to share what works

8. Data: instant and multiple forms of feedback; smart profiles that will drive customized learning

9. Ownership: students choosing what to learn, how to demonstrate their learning

10. Parent involvement: transparency and connections the classroom





However, there are also a number of disadvantages, such as:

1. Infrastructure: particularly affordable broadband at home

2. More of the same: the risk of layering technology on top of how we’ve always done school with little benefit

3. Old paradigms: teachers, administrators, and parents trapped in an old model

4. Management and scheduling: customized learning will require much better management and scheduling tools

5. Preparation & development: leaning new tools will be the easy part, learning new roles will be more challenging particularly as school models proliferate

6. Obsolesce: constantly changing software and hardware versions make it tough for schools to stay current (but cloud computing will help)

7. Interoperability: there lots of engaging content and cool apps but nothing works together

8. Security and cheating: technology will solve some problems but introduce other challenges.




Just something we should all be aware about when it comes to digital learning in the classroom!!!!!





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