Google Sites for the classroom

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I have recently become an avid fan of Google Sites! Having not been aware of its existence and invaluable use in the classroom and in education, I feel as though I must share it with all my fellow educators!

Google sites allows you to set up your own webpage without any expense. All you need is a G-mail account which can be easily set up within minutes. I would advise setting up a G-mail account as it allows one to access Google apps automatically. Google sites provides teachers with the platform to create their own educational website for their classes. Teachers can post notes on it as well as any assignment tasks. By simply giving students access to your site by giving them the link, they can access all of your work you wish to provide them with within seconds. This is extremely beneficial and useful when one has to call in sick (both student and teacher) and wishes to give their pupils the work that was (or meant to be covered in the case of a teacher being absent) that day in class. As briefly mentioned, it is an excellent platform for teachers to give students notes as it cuts down on time wasted in class writing them down and also cuts down on paper as one does not have to print out pages upon pages of notes for their students.

As outlined by Google, there are many reasons why one should use Google Sites in the classroom, for example:

  • Google site is free
  • It is very easy to use and has a simple and student friendly interface.
  • Anyone above 13 can join in and add content to it ( provided you give them access )
  • A site can be created  for aSites_web_fonts_example class within a couple of minutes using templates for different pages and without the need for advanced technology knowledge
  • Google Site also offers you control over who can have access to the pages and who can share materials
  • It can improve students digital literacy skills
  • It can open up your classroom and make it a collaborative learning environment

The website further highlights ways teachers can use Google Sites in the Classroom, some of which I briefly mentioned above:

  • Create a webpage for the class where to include course materials and rich content including videos, images, slides, and audio recordings
  • Use it for posting homework, assignments, and class events
  • You can also use it as a discussion board where every student can have a say
  • Create a page for posting announcements , class events, reading materials, classroom rules, and many more
  • Use it as a wiki and let your students sites2collaboratively work on their assignments and edit content
  • Use the File Cabinet page to upload documents, PDFs and other materials to share with your students
  • You can also create a private page where to share information with parents like curriculum resources
  • Embed a calendar to keep track of your deadlines or Google Spreadsheet to keep track of your research


And last but not least, as outlined by the Google Site website, ways students can use Google Sites:

  • They can use it to create digital portfolios to feature their work and achievements
  • Create and manage to-do lists for their assignments and classroom activities
  • Collaborate on group projectsstay_connected
  • They can use it to present their findings on a particular research subject. They can include docs they have created, videos, links and many more
  • Students can use it to contribute in knowledge building inside the classroom and to help with course materials

How to set one up:


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