Pixton: How To Make Comics With Your Students


“Pixton was great fun and really got the pupils engaged. Through creative presentation they produced some high quality understanding of the topic.”

– Ms. Martin, Grade 9, Teacher in Leicester, UK


“It truly motivated my students. They could use the comic format to work about topics they are interested in, including social issues and things happening in their neighbourhood.”

– Ms. Martin, 5th Grade, Teacher in Spain


What is Pixton?

Pixton is an online comic maker that allows students the creativity to:

  • design their own characters
  • add sound
  • upload pictures and images,
  • use a variety of speech bubbles
  • and print, download or embed the finished comic.


As a teacher, it is often difficult to facilitate lessons that call on the student’s creative abilities and talents, while keeping the subject matter the main focus of the activity.  More often that not, the lessons being taught become stagnant when a teacher works to integrate a creative avenue to their traditional classroom teaching style. However, with the help of Pixton we can overcome all of this and create a creative and engaging virtual learning environment for our pupils.


Advantages of Pixton:

  • Creates a form of visual communication through the subject matter being taught, and creating a strong opportunity for visual learning to occur.
  • Becomes interactive when the students are able to upload their own information from their notes and creating their own comics.
  • Creates a private virtual classroom setting for the teacher and the students in the class.
  • The website provides opportunities for students and teachers to create safe and secure accounts with no invasive information necessary.
  • The virtual classroom is password protected and no email addresses are required, the teacher can simply upload the class roster in a few clicks.
  • Teachers are also given the option to determine what students are allowed to do on the website with a checklist as well as monitoring all the content that is posted by students. 
  • Students are also given the option to embed the comics in their website, blog, e-portfolio, or social networking website.
  • Provides  content  variety  and  expansion, and promotes collaboration and interactive skills.
  • Spices up classroom as well as out-of-classroom interaction.
  • Caters for all levels,interests and subjects.  For example religion:
  1. Ask the pupils to create a comic illustrating a specific parable/miracle story
  2. To create a comic illustrating the concept of moral decision making
  3. Create a comic on the foundation of Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc.
  4. Create a comic on the death and resurrection of Jesus.
  5. And so on………


An example of a comic created by a student on the topic of racial issues:




How do I use Pixton?

Please find attached excellent tutorials to explain the process of creating comics with Pixton:


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