The ULTIMATE resource for Poverty!




I cannot recommend the following resource any more than humanly possible. It was my Bible for Teaching Practice and remains my number one resource when looking at community and poverty with my pupils.

What is great about this resource is that it targets every possible area and route of poverty, rather than focusing on the traditional case studies of African poverty. Rather it brings to life and to the doorstep the reality of poverty in Ireland and in modern day society. It is also packed full of engaging and interesting (also fun!!) activities for pupils to take part in.

I have used this resource numerous times in both private, voluntary and community schools, and each time the pupils were engaged and interested in the topic.

All of the worksheets and lesson outlines are available online, however, if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on it, there is a hard copy available.

As outlined, the resource aims to:

1. Develop learners’ understanding and knowledge of the causes of poverty, as well as
the nature and extent of poverty in Ireland

2. Develop learners’ critical thinking skills through analysing the causes of poverty in
Ireland within a human rights framework

3. Empower learners to engage in anti-poverty action and see its importance in
engendering a just and equal society

4. Encourage learners to interact with organisations /community groups that have an
anti-poverty focus

5. To foster in learners attitudes of respect, understanding and empathy towards people who may be marginalized in our society.


Further ideas would be to team the following modern day video clips up with the resource to really and truly engage and interest your pupils!

My main teaching motto is KEEP IT RELEVANT TO THE PUPILS’ SOCIAL CULTURE! It truly is key!






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