Alcohol Abuse: Senior Non Exam RE

Are you covering Alcohol Abuse with you senior pupils and finding it difficult to effectively communicate the content whilst trying to keep your pupils engaged? It is often difficult for teachers to communicate the importance of this topic to pupils who may be ‘enjoying’ the ‘highs of life’ they receive from consuming alcohol with their friends. However, what about the ‘lows’? How do we communicate the dangers of alcohol abuse when our pupils may only be experiencing and seeing the ‘fun’ and ‘benefits’ alcohol has to offer? (For example, social acceptance, embarrassing/funny photos/moments).

My advice would be to perhaps show the pupils some modern day music clips that communicate the dangers of alcohol (please scroll down to my previous blog post.) However, an EXCELLENT resource/idea is to show the pupils the film ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’. Pupils respond really well to this film as it is slightly modern in the sense that the pupils can identify the actors, and it is extremely effective in content. It goes through and highlights with excellence the dangers of alcohol abuse. What I found effective was showing the pupils this film over a series of classes and getting them to answer questions given to them on a hand-out. I used this task as an assessment task for all the answers are not directly given in the film; the pupils at times have to use their own critical thinking skills and reflect on the knowledge they have gained so far on this topic.


I HIGHLY recommend this film/activity.


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