Islam Resource

The series ‘Islam 101’ covers, in detail and in ten minutes, the essential elements of belief, faith, and practice in Islam. I find this resource effective and useful for seniors or for a good junior cert class as some of the videos contain less images compared to others. Rather than using the monotonous routine of reading from a book, handout, or looking at PowerPoint slides, I think it is an effective way to get the pupils to become active learners. I would first show the clip to the pupils and at the end ask them to respond to it by asking them a series of higher and lower order questions, (for example, what is the name of the founder of Islam? What piece of information stood out to you the most and why?). This is a great way of assessing the amount of information the pupils have retained and a great way of assessing whether or not the pupils are focused in the class. I would then give the pupils a handout containing a number of specific questions based on the video clip and I would play the video clip again. This is a very good way of keeping the pupils focused whilst trying to communicate and reiterate the key points that they need to know about Islam.


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