Descriptive Writing Tasks for Junior Cycle English Students


Writing Project 1: The Time Traveling Machine

Pretend you have gone into a time-travel machine and ended up in the past – or – future. What do you see? Who do you meet? What do the buildings look like?


Writing Project 2: There’s An Alien Under The Bed!

Consider what an alien might look like. Is it tall or shot? Friendly  or angry? Consider the sounds and smells associated with the alien, too. Consider how it walks, where it comes from and what it wants in your house!


Writing Project 3: Your New Super Power

Some of the greatest sci-fi and fantasy stories of all time involve superheroes gaining and using “super power”. Pick a super-power, be  it speed, invisibility or super-human strength. If you like you can choose more than one power, or give other powers to sidekicks like their little brother or a friend, real or created. Other things you may want to write about: do they wear a costume, fight crime, or just use their powers in everyday situations?


Writing Project 4: A Whole New World

You have landed a spacecraft on a new planet. Let us learn about this planet from your description of what is seen, heard, smelled, and tasted there. Are there other beings living there? Does it seem like a nice place for earthlings to live?


Writing Project 5: The Secret Formula

Think Alice in Wonderland for this project. Pretend you have been given a drink (or sandwich or cookie…) from a mad or silly scientist. What’s in that drink? What does it look like, taste and smell like? And if you eat or drink the scientist’s crazy concoction, what will happen to you?


Writing Project 6: The Magician’s School

What would happen if you went to school to become the next Harry Potter? Describe the teachers at the Magic School: what do they teach? Are they nice, or are they stern? What are the lessons like?


Writing Project 7: The Magician’s Assistant

You are working for a famous wizard. What is the Wizard like? What does he ask you to assist him with? Try out formulas to see if they work? Collect frogs for the latest potion?


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